Property owners of residential and commercial buildings experience the fuss of hydraulic fluid spills from time to time. When left unattended, spilled hydraulics may seep into your concrete flooring, damaging its structural integrity, resulting in costly repairs and replacement works. Hydraulic spills on soil may seep into the groundwater beneath the surface and poison surrounding plants. 


Similarly, hydraulic liquids are highly harmful to pets and occupants (i.e., employees or tenants) when accidentally inhaled or in contact with the skin. Different types of hydraulic oils result in varying side effects. For example, some polyalphaolefin hydraulic fluids may lead to lung damage and breathing issues, while other types of oil may cause severe skin irritations. 


Due to the high toxicity of hydraulic liquids, it is dangerous for inexperienced individuals to handle them. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange for a professional hydraulic cleanup at the earliest signs of a spill. 


How Does Hydraulic Cleanup Work? 


While hydraulic liquid eventually degrades and dissipates into the environment, the natural process could take more than a year (but this depends on the spillage amount). A slow breakdown process could cause long-term damage to surrounding areas. 


The professional hydraulic cleanup team at F&S Powerwashing does more than physically removing hydraulic spills from the affected site. Our technicians apply advanced cleanup solutions that target hydraulic spills at the microscopic level, surrounding oil constituents with a silica matrix and neutralizing the compounds from within. 


Our scientifically proven hydraulic cleanup process provides fast results, eliminating stains, odors, and contaminants of spills without residue. Additionally, our cleanup solutions are eco-friendly, effectively eliminating hydraulic fluid while going easy on the immediate environment and structures. 


Reach out to the F&S power washing team for a free estimate, and we’ll eliminate your hydraulic spills safely and in a cinch.