Speciality and Emergency Services

Are you in need of a special or emergency service?

Well, look no further! At F&S Power Washing we offer a variety of specialty and emergency services. These services include:

  • Buildings up to 5 stories

  • Exterior windows on large commercial properties

  • Parking Lots

  • Loading Docks

  • Automotive Shops

  • Oil Spills & Other Stains

  • Drive-Thrus

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Eco-Friendly Chemicals That Clean Without Causing Harm

Some exterior cleaning projects need chemicals to break up stubborn grime. A large oil stain, for example, might not come out of the pavement without help from a detergent.


F&S Power Washing uses chemicals when necessary, but we always choose options that won’t hurt the environment.

We want to protect your landscape, employees, and customers from exposure to toxic substances. Plus, we’d hate to think that local wildlife gets hurt. We’ve committed to using safe cleaning solutions because the results matter to us!