Perfecting your paving can increase your home value and curb appeal significantly.


New paving isn’t always necessary, at F&S, we help you achieve the same stunning results with a professional deep power-wash.


Increases Home Value


Homes that have restored paving sell for $5,000 to $7,000 more than homes whose paving is dirty and worn.


Dust Removal and Restoration


Treating your paving to expert dirt removal increases the longevity of your paving, saving you even more money.


Increases Sales Potential


First impressions matter and that is certainly the case when trying to sell your property. 

Homes that have clean and well-maintained paving are more inviting and have better sales prospects.


Save Yourself the Hassle


Power washing is a professional job best left to the experts. F&S is a high-quality service that delivers the full benefits of clean and healthy paving.


 Call F&S today and speak to our specialists for a free quote.