Snow and Ice Removal Services


Snow Removal

F&S Power Washing is now offering snow and ice removal services! We offer a range of services for any type of property:

  • Shoveling
  • Salting
  • De-icing
  • Sidewalk Clearance

In addition, our pricing is flexible to the type of relationship you are seeking, whether that's a seasonal contract or short term job.

Our priority during snow & ice removal is to create a safe environment for the residents of the property or patrons & employees of the business. During the process, we take special care to ensure that:

  1. Fire lanes & fire hydrants are accessible & maintained
  2. All parking, but especially handicap spaces, are fully cleared & de-iced
  3. Driveways & entrances do not have piles that obstruct the view of traffic
  4. We have fully inspected for black ice, drifting snow, or any other hazards
  5. We have completed any special requests for your project

Our team is known for our professionalism & quality work, and that reputation is no different when it comes to snow & ice removal services. Please contact us for a free quote.