3 Benefits to Paver Sealing and Cleaning

Unfortunately, we can’t make all pavers look better by cleaning them. Given enough time, they can become seriously stained and fragile. If you notice cracks or other signs of damage, ask us about paver restoration. Paver restoration is usually a more involved process than cleaning. Don’t worry, F&S Power Washing has a qualified staff of technicians who know how to restore your surfaces, even if they have to replace broken pavers and edging. After restoring your pavers, we want to make sure that you get to enjoy them for many years. Applying a sealant to the paver surfaces will help protect them from damage. Sealants also make it easier for our team to clean your surfaces year after year.

Pavers serve an essential role in your property’s outdoor aesthetics. These durable installations enhance you building’s overall curb appeal and contribute to a higher resale value. F&S Power washing is a professional cleaning company that provides the latest commercial-grade pressure washing methods that eliminate the most stubborn stains and pollutants from absorbing into your paver…

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